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Welcome to Alaska Tattoo & Art Studio!

We strive to provide a clean, professional, and welcoming shop environment; we want everyone to be able to bring in an idea, and leave with a custom piece of artwork to love and wear proudly!

Here at Alaska Tattoo & Art Studio, we want our clients to feel comfortable working with our talented artists to come up with artwork that is unique to them. Regardless of if the piece you are looking for is something small and minimalist, or if you’re ready to dive into a multiple-session large project, our artists are here to treat each situation with equal importance.

If this is your very 1st tattoo, or if you have so many tattoos you have no idea what number you’re on, you are welcome here!
Take a look at our artists and their online portfolios, or, we are also more than happy to match you up with an artist that best matches the style of piece you are looking for.

We look forward to working with you, and are ready to take the utmost care in the creation and execution of your piece!




CHRIS Bennett


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